River Valley Mental Health therapy services are provided by a licensed practitioner, Paula Beard, RSW #16959, located in Edmonton, Alberta. In-person and online appointments are available to residents of the province. She is particularly experienced and interested in first responder mental health (paramedics, police officers, sheriffs, firefighters, correction officers, Canadian Border Service Personnel, nurses, and allied health providers) but is open to all clients if she can meet their needs.

Working with individual adults and couples experiencing depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, acute stress, and post-traumatic stress, Paula has taken to heart the wise words of a mentor, “Beware of the one who is convinced there is only one way.” As a result, she is prepared to offer multiple forms of therapy to support her clients’ journeys. Here are a few words about some of the types of therapy offered.

What matters most in assessing a client is truly seeing and listening to the person in front of you and understanding what and how they may be struggling. Most of us worry about being judged, so Paula works hard to listen, accept, and meet people where they are at. As Paula establishes her private practice, a clinical supervisor will be providing mentorship and supervision of her therapy work.

Potential new therapy clients are encouraged to contact us prior to booking an appointment to ensure she can serve your needs.